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Interview with Alice Hlidkova


Lucas Cervigni interviews Alice Hlidkova on her role as a blockchain influencer and advocate for women in blockchain at Nasdaq Times Square in New York. Alice Hlidkova discusses her involvement with Pitch Investors Live, a decentralized (DAPP) app that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Alice became the first female founding team members. She discusses how women are naturally intuitive and compassionate; “it is how we are built,” she says, which can benefit the blockchain industry. “We are natural problem solvers and collaborators,” she adds, warning the attributes don’t always translate to business yet alone blockchain. Through her advocacy work In the tech industry, she advises that women should set their own boundaries and speak their mind. Many of her peers share the same sentiment and position themselves as leading examples of how woman can add value to the blockchain space. More on Alice visit http://alicehlidkova.com/ New episodes every week. Subscribe to our Channel to keep updated on the most relevant projects of the Blockchain and Crypto World. www.neweconomies.com Stay up to date and connected with us:


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