BCH-focused Cryptocurrency Exchange Voltaire.cash Launched - Bitcoin Cash News. Tuesday, September 25


It will use this coin as the base pair for trading A new cryptocurrency exchange has been launched recently, and it is aiming to promote Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by making it the base pair for all trades. Named Voltaire.cash, this new platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies is looking to provide the Bitcoin-forked coin a marketplace to trade it with different virtual assets.

“We've just launched our #BitcoinCash cash exchange https://voltaire.cash . We're extremely excited to be part of this amazing community and can't wait to see what's coming next,” says a tweet by @HelloVoltaire, the exchange’s official Twitter account.

Developed by 20-year-old Semyon Germanovich, this platform began development around March of this year, and it was built to help the BCH with its mainstreaming. Germanovich has been fond of the coin promoted by Roger Ver for quite a long time. Along with his fellow developers and member of his team, they began the creation of the aforementioned exchange after noting that not many trading platforms were supportive of this crypto asset - some of these exchanges are Coinex and Panda Exchange.

“It’s a real shame because Bitcoin Cash scales using an efficient and proven method. We see it as the best technology to deliver daily peer-to-peer electronic cash payments for billions worldwide,” he said.

Voltaire.chain has started trading with the BCH against Bitcoin Core (BTC), and it is expected to add two more exchange pairs – Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DGC).

First 100 traders will get a special reward

To celebrate the launching of this platform, the Voltaire team announced that the first 100 users to place a trade will be rewarded with lifetime trades free of any fee. Additionally, all users will enjoy of free trading for two months starting today.

It is possible that the BCH could see its price rallying following this announcement – assuming that the current bearish sentiment in the crypto market does not affect its performance that much. At press time, its BCH/USD Exchange rate is quoted at $451.66, while its market cap locates at $ 9.5 billion

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