ChainNinja and the Cleveland Foundation Announce Blockchain Grant Challenge


Lisa Marks-Canty, CEO of ChainNinja, and Leon Wilson, CIO of The Cleveland Foundation announced today that the organizations will be partnering to sponsor a Blockchain grant challenge, benefiting nonprofit organizations in the Cleveland metropolitan area. The grant challenge, a brainchild of the two organizations, stemmed from conversations around public and nonprofit organizations’ historic late adoption of new, potentially helpful technology. Lisa Marks-Canty expressed that “ChainNinja is excited to work with the Cleveland Foundation to educate the public on how Blockchain technologies have the potential to provide the underserved and vulnerable populations with access to critical services and the basic rights as citizens we should be entitled to such as identity, financial services, education, democracy, and healthcare.” The organizations will be releasing final RFP documents in late September, but they shared that nonprofits will be asked to send both their subject matter and technology experts to participate in Discovery Days where they will learn more about Blockchain technology and begin brainstorming proof-of-concept project ideas to submit for consideration to the challenge. The organizations will then fully develop their ideas and proposals, present to a panel of experts, and the winner’s proof-of-concept will be developed by ChainNinja’s Blockchain technologists and experts.