EOS Rides the Bull, cryptocurrency price stays strong even after Stellar Lumens [XLM] overtake


The market opened today, 26th September, to a green spread with most of the cryptocurrencies riding the bull after a relatively bearish Tuesday. Major cryptocurrencies like EOS, XRP and Stellar were maintaining their stronghold as top gainers in the cryptocurrency charts. At the time of writing, EOS was seeing a climb of 3.99% to maintain a steady growth pattern over the past 24 hours. The cryptocurrency had climbed out of its rut of trading at $5.08 to a relatively higher $5.39. EOS held a total market cap of $4.882 billion with a 24-hour market volume of $721.351 million.

A majority of EOS’ trade was coming in from a relatively unknown Chinese exchange called DOBI trade, which held 16.19% of all EOS trade. DOBI trade was also in the news recently when the exchange was responsible for 26% of all Litecoin [LTC] trade.

Abracrypto, a Reddit user stated:

“Now that all the crypto is in green, people finally realize the value of EOS. There is a reason why EOS is better than Ethereum-it just works better! To the moooon!”
New reports have emerged that showed that four senior executives and two contractors have stepped down from Block.one. Block.one is the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency company that supports the EOS blockchain. Out of the six members who stepped down, three were part of the initial core team at Block.one.

EOS has also released an updated version of the EOSIO, with the latest 1.3.0 update involving trusted producers, WABT Interpreter additional bug fixes. The complete integration of the WABT will provide allow the nodes to conduct transactions at lower costs. The upgrade encompasses an HTTP over socket support for the keosd socket and an added error notifier for unknown configurations.

Source: Ambcrypto