Entrepreneur BIG EGO Problems


In my experience as an entrepreneur, I have found lots of MUSTs; crucial things to do in order to be successful. However, most people do not talk about their FAILURES. That hidden timeline, here summarized as a list of things NOT to be done, is as important as the ones to DO. NUMBER 2: The Entrepreneur BIG EGO Problem

  • Are you an entrepreneur, facing tough questions?
  • Are people challenging your ideas?
  • Do you encounter investors and possible partners that give you a hard time as devil’s advocate?
  • Are you surrounded with more intelligent, smarter people than you??


You are in the right place! So breathe. Success is coming! 

You will be the force to bring a revolutionary idea to life, but you will need friends along the way. Smart friends and partners that are better in everything you are not!

Ego will not make you fatter. So swallow some of your ego from time to time. Be humble and move on. You want your ideas to prosper, you’re not trying to be the cutest, most famous guy in the valley.

Leave your ego and move on.

Understand that smarter people can be your customers too. Hear them, learn and challenge them with caution. Some of these people might not buy your product, some will, but a good critic will make you better. A tougher person will make you stronger and a smarter person will make you think and reconsider. That will make you smarter.

Remember the old proverb:

If 9 wise people surround you, you will become the 10th. But if 9 fools surround you, you will become the 10th.


There are certain rules regarding EGO and defending what your idea of business is.

1.  YOU are NOT your idea. If your project has flaws, do not defend them. Listen, think, and IMPROVE.

2.  Do not feel attacked. Every flaw not only deserves a correction, it also shows that you are not always right and that people need to participate in order to make you project bullet proof.

3.  Be flexible. Remember that your revolutionary idea needs time to mature. Yes! Just like everything else. So, every piece of input, every correction will make it stronger. But in order for those corrections to appear, you need to be flexible towards input and critics. Always bear in mind that a critic wants to be fulfilled. Critics are so good on detecting flaws that they will push you to your limits. However! If you focus on quality and attention to detail, critics will provide strong feedback, and you can relax in the knowledge of a piece of work well done.

4.  People are mean!

When you are starting up, you think that your idea is so cool that everyone will love it. You feel excited and thrilled to make your contribution to the world. You go onto social media, and reveal your thoughts, your ideas… your baby.

And then, just then, from the middle of nowhere they will arise... brutal critics, nonsense comments and destructive phrases. If not prepared, they will reach you. Believe it, it's life!

WHY would anyone say my cool idea is not worth the effort??

WHY, why, WHY?!

The answer is… Never mind.

The world is full of good and evil and mean people. Avoid it and move on.

There is an old proverb that says:

"If everyone likes what you do, you are doing something wrong."

This blog provides advice that no one else will think to tell you.

Always remember:

Entrepreneurship is about evolution, new ideas and turbo powered people that will break the rules and move humanity forward. If this is you then keep in mind that proverb and be aware that you will always find others who want to drag you down when you follow your heart.