Alice Hlidkova, TV Host at NASDAQ, Futurist,  Agency Owner, Blockchain Founder and Marketer shares her tips on how to make yourself more marketable in the Blockchain Industry.

Creativity, knowledge, and relationships are your biggest assets in the blockchain industry. I consider ways to market myself and my business which entail innovating my methods and vamping up my communication skills. This industry moves as fast as a puma, and there is no need to feel like a turtle. Here are a few secrets I will share with you on how I market myself:

  1. Update professional shots.

Professional photos for building a personal brand matter.  Fortunately, I utilized in-house services at Pitch Investors Live by asking our Creative Director Tony OD Morera to take head shots of me. Begin by asking a friend or co-worker to take professional photos of you. Get creative with outdoor and indoor poses, and post photos on your website and blog. I use to create fun banners and make announcements for my upcoming activities.

  1. Post video content on LinkedIn.

The biggest opportunity currently in the blockchain industry is education. If you are like me and love creating instructional and best practices/tip related content then you can utilize the upload video feature on LinkedIn and create up to 10-minute long videos. Professional people are using LinkedIn to learn and engage in blockchain topics. Read comments to understand what is trending, and then create an educational video with a nice backdrop to fill any knowledge gaps.

  1. Create Strategic Partnerships.

The blockchain industry is a creative, collaborative business playground where your skills are as good as anyone else’s. If you are new to this space, investing in relationships pays off, albeit the learning curve can be frightening, it’s worth attempting the hill. The industry requires technical expertise, and if you are not tech savvy, find the skill that these experts are missing. Fill that need, and market that skill. Find a partner who is missing the skill and structure a win-win working relationship. I create Strategic Partnerships at Pitch Investors Live to raise brand awareness in different markets. I create such agreements with individuals and companies who require networking and marketing assistance.

  1. Launch a Media Company.

Through my strategic partnership with Lucas Cervigni, I launched a media company, New Economies Pty LTD. What began as a co-host position turned into the role of co-founder. Again, find the person that is complementary and can also mentor you in business. This is where the fun begins. Expect more responsibility, greater recognition, and earned respect. For women, this is good as there are so few of us in the blockchain industry, many of whom are not recognized or positioned correctly for their efforts.

  1. Ask for Third Party endorsements.

I consult with founders of blockchain company and I list their logos and testimonials on my website, I changed my business web address to my personal name so that my multiple projects and businesses can be consolidated and located under one domain, so I am easily searchable.  Millennials build personal brands, and as a consultant, people invest in ME first. Make sure to ask for a testimonial upon every project completion whether or not they are good. Understand your mistakes and improve upon your process, attitude and direction in which you are headed.