Alice Hlidkova is co-host at New Economies, is a premier online interview series for the blockchain industry hosted at NASDAQ and a member from the core team of Pitch Investors Live.

When launching new tokens, don’t underestimate risk. Shop around for the right exchanges to list your token and consider the following to reduce high fees, scams, and other hurdles that may delay a successful launch. 

Shop around, and do your research. 

During the Pitch Investors Live pre-sale of our token, PITCH, we had many discussions on which exchanges to approach, and how to go about doing it. “We explored all options. I.e. tokens supported, integration, daily volume, etc,” says Pitch Investors Live Sales Manager, Chris Knight. 

Reach out to the team. 

Contact them first through the company email address before heading to LinkedIn. Your best bet is to utilize the social network where founders communicate with investors. If founders are not available, reach out to CMOs/COOs as they handle sales and customer service logistics. These individuals are more available than you may think. 

Have your data ready, and negotiate terms! 

Before starting the negotiations process, prepare documentation for comparing exchanges costs and benefits. Consider metrics such as volume, and listing price. When you have all your data, negotiate and don’t just settle for the price the exchanges give you.  

Avoid third-party service providers. 

Typically, third parties will take a form of payment for alleviating the listing bottleneck. Don’t assume that paying someone will get you listed early. Although it’s rare to get listed early but possible (as in the case of the Pitch token) most companies end up playing the waiting game (Litecoin Cash had an application pending for 3 months). 

Focus on community. 

Make sure you have a community and people engage in activities across social media platforms. “Exchanges want to see you have real people involved,” said Pitch Investors Live Growth Adviser Lawrence Aponte, adding “with so many  token sales and ICOs scams, exchanges are vetting projects via live events.”

Pay attention to the target market. 

Think about your target audience, and in which market you want to be listed. “If you’re getting listed on exchanges based in Asia, have the translations available for your white paper and website,” added Aponte.

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