Alice Hlidkova from Pitch Investors Live and shares her tips for getting tokens listed on exchanges.

Women have a huge opportunity and even advantage in the blockchain industry. They are paving the way forward for many more to enter, as the adoption of blockchain technology increases. 

5 reasons why women should step up in the blockchain industry:

1. Become what I call the Advantageous Minority, We Need You.

Being a minority can be intimidating, but it can also be a huge opportunity. Women in blockchain stand out in a good way. You are the first or one of the early adopters which means you get to build the foundation, set principles and determine the vision. You are the leader many look up to for guidance and support. Your voice is unique and is well respected.

I became the first woman at to join the founding team of 15. My responsibilities included targeted marketing towards women through the creative material, providing feedback on branding and creating sales copy and content to cater to women’s need. I created the balance, and the feminine touch to our brand. Four women followed, and now our branding material includes at least 1 woman 75% of the time. I recruited our first female advisor and female investor which has positioned us in the marketplace for expansion.

2. Pitch to Investors, You are the X-factor.

Online and off, I have witnessed many investors congratulate female founders for their pitch and taking extra steps to get them the resources. For women to position themselves for mentorship and capital raise they have to play a proactive, public role.

Frustrated about the apparent lack of women represented in the industry, some time ago I began creating educational videos about my experience. Often I answered questions from the community, pointing them to resources. Soon enough I became an advisor and a partner in a company. If anyone questioned my abilities I pointed them to my 200+ videos and blog posts and gave them the testimonials I have collected in the last year. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. You are your biggest value proposition.

3. Join Platforms to Accelerate Business Growth.

Platforms like which connect entrepreneurs with investors for mentorship, feedback or capital are a great way for a woman to get in front of an expert or investor to receive feedback. They can do this from the comforts of their home without flying to Silicon Valley or NYC to meet with investors. The entry barriers are pretty low to get started: $99, or a pair of heels.

Another way we connect women to experts, mentors, and investors is at where we provide an intimate networking experience with relevant industry professionals. Women who appear on the show get to take home an info product — branded video — to demonstrate their value proposition along with their pitch deck we help send out to investors.

4. The Power of Online e-learning

As I have mentioned before, video content is powerful and is the most low-cost way to market your business. Upload the video across social media channels, take questions from the audience and get on the phone with potentially your next customer, partner or investors.

Lucas Cervigni, the founder and host of discovered my videos on LinkedIn, comped my show entrance fee and offered me a position as co-host not to mention co-founder. I have doubled my monthly income as a result of this and gained more respect in the industry.

5. Create Your Own Joint Venture

Women from all walks of life do an amazing job at creating joint ventures or strategic partnerships. Don’t underestimate your capacity to negotiate and collaborate. Pooling resources allow you to move the needle faster, negotiate deals, and acquire human capital faster.

I took charge of building and maintaining our strategic partnerships for both and Other than the benefits of finder’s fees and commissions, our partners helped us access new markets and increase our collective impact. As globalization becomes increasingly digitized, the power of partners as affiliates and brand ambassadors can quickly make a difference on your balance sheet. Not to mention you build influential and meaningful relationships of a lifetime.

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Source: MISS