Blockchain Needs Women Interview with the Bad Crypto Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Joel and Travis at the Bad Crypto Podcast regarding the state of women in the blockchain industry. Playing back the recording, I surprised myself with my candor. I couldn't help it but be direct. In this fast-paced industry, we have to speak up.

The blockchain industry has caught public attention in 2008 with the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System designed by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. The paper laid the framework for the use and distribution for digital currencies.

As we head toward a cashless society and advance into the digital realm we must pay attention to the social impact of emerging technologies like Bitcoin, altcoins and the blockchain technology that supports such digital currencies.

We must recognize that women and other marginalized groups are key to the sustainability of this industry that requires education in order to reach mass adoption. Women in business are the fastest growing asset class in emerging markets. Globally, there are more women being educated than men and more women starting a business than men. We are talking about emerging markets like Vietnam, the Philippines and others. In most of these counties, with large youth populations, cryptocurrencies or digital assets are being purchased by young adults. They are not only the consumers but drivers, inspired by technology and social impact.

Brands are recognizing the power of social impact and cryptocurrencies. It is time for regulators and industry corporate executives to include women and children in the discussion of shaping technology policies around the world.

In this podcast I talk about Women in Blockchain, the vision for my media company ( and the game-changing app, (pitch investors live).

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