Fostering Sisterhood at Blockchain Conferences

Fostering Sisterhood At Blockchain Conferences
I call these women sisters. They are the trailblazers, coders and innovators who are setting the standards for women in the blockchain industry.In entrepreneurship, two ingredients are essential: participation and perseverance. I suppose the first has to do with curiosity, and the willingness to learn something new whilst the second regards a code of ethics drawn on pillars of open mindness, an appetite for community and a can-do attitude.

The blockchain industry is entrepreneurship 2.0. Business, accelerated and fostered by partnerships with women. Women are the glue that makes things stick in the industry. Like in any new industry, education manuals are robust and undefined. Blockchain tech is new and perceived as disruptive, requiring collaboration, shared knowledge and sound connections to ensure that its foundation and vision are properly communicated.

At this year’s Blockchain Live Conference in London, I ran into a dozen of women whom I have known through Akasha Indream’s Women in Blockchain Telegram Group.

The speed of news delivery in encrypted messaging apps like Telegram is extraordinary. When I posted a picture of Veronica Mihai and I, news of our attendance traveled quickly and soon enough I had 4 women requesting my location details.

“Let’s find other women here and have lunch,” said Mihai, owner of hedge fund and trading platform Bloomwater Capital, after giving me a hug.

“I wish, but I have to go to the speaker panel,” I replied, and hurried off to a closed exhibition hall to prepare my speech on prices of crypto, soon to be delivered to over 150 people .

Finally sitting down, I messaged Jane Thompson, the international superstar to NGOs and governments who rolls out use case studies from her sleeve. She is easy to spot, in colorful eyewear and dress.

“Hi Jane, I’ve found you now. Let’s do an interview,” I told her, relieved she said yes. We met several times at various conferences, including Women on the Block Conferences earlier this year in NYC. We discussed the global framework of the industry.

Two women spotted me in the crowd, Giselle Frederick, Founder of Zingr, a digital payments platform and Bridget Greenwood, Marketing and Content Partner at BCB Group. “Hello ladies, I am glad that you are here. Let’s get this moment on camera,” I told them, before inviting them onto my blockchain show,, which we shot at the London Stock Exchange studios the following day. “I want you to meet my business partners, Lucas.” We all took photos and gave each other a hug.

Two more came into the frame, Helen Disney and Zoe Zoe Williamson, founder of the blockchain development agency, Bloc boutique.

The Women in Blockchain Community, online and offline, is proof that tomorrow’s leaders in emerging tech are strong, active and brave. What started off at as a 40+ closed group of nimble women eventually grew to a 650+ open group of ambitious women. We were women talking about challenges in our daily lives and at work, brainstorming how blockchain could solve them. We had an advisory board that includes Mihai and Olayinka Odeniran . We led leadership webinars on negotiations and confidence building, wrote and secured contracts, found each other gigs.

These women have always been there for me, through thick and thin, during breakups and issues at the U.S. Embassy. Once, Mihai drove me for 6 hours around London to help me secure my Emergency U.S. Passport so I could get home in time for my NYC city taping of at NASDAQ in NYC.

We are all in different time zones and yet it feels like these ladies are sitting by my side. We invest in the blockchain, build systems and support one another no matter what. We answered FAQs, coordinated meetings, recommended jobs, wrote news and content, and shared inspirational stories.

I may not have met all of the ladies in person, but they are with me in spirit. We committed to blockchain because we made commitments to ourselves, to our families, and to other women in hopes of moving the needle and bring greater gender equity to business.

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