Portuguese Programmers to Learn Ethereum with Blockchain Academy of Brazil Teaching Lessons


The Blockchain Academy of Brazil is set to launch two new blockchain-based courses in Portugal. These courses will be open to students in November and, according to the reports, they will be focused on teaching about Ethereum. “Ethereum for Developers” will be the name of the first course. As the name suggests, it will be used to teach competent developers key skills for becoming proficient with the Ethereum technology. The other one will be called “Ethereum for Business” and it will be focused on teaching what someone needs to know to start an Ethereum-based business.

Both courses will be taught by Solange Gueiros, who has more than 20 years of experience with computer sciences and databases and it is now focused on the blockchain technology. Gueiros is also the first woman in Brazil to publish a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain.

The courses will be offered via distance learning in a partnership between the Blockchain Academy of Brazil and the Mosaica University. In Brazil, the Blockchain Academy is supported by ConsenSys, a blockchain startup that was co-founded by Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of the Ethereum network. The courses neither supported or endorsed by ConsenSys, only the institution is.

Academic Blockchain Education Is Starting To Become Popular

With everybody talking so much about the blockchain technology, academic blockchain education is quickly getting some momentum and more universities are starting to offer courses in the area. In many cases, like this one, universities are partnering up to offer decentralized education. In fact, many important universities are starting to do it.