Some of the blockchain projects are, as my friend calls them, “rubbish.” The projects have incomplete teams or a minimum viable product (MVP), with unrealistic project milestones. But I can assure you the good ones are out there, and here is how you find them.


Conferences in New York City, San Francisco and Miami have a substantial turnout from both the investor and business owner. These events allow you to learn and network, onsite and off. I suggest putting an equal amount of effort attending both types of events for diversity in subject matter and access to individuals available in both the business and casual settings.  For those of you in the United States, attending next week’s Blockchain Nation Conference (April 25-26) in Miami, will be a great opportunity to network with some of the industry’s heavy hitters.


Writing about your interests, concerns and sharing knowledge attracts like-minded individuals. Creating “how-to” or “tip” videos on the subject matters helps not only grow your following but invites people into your world that you might not have otherwise met in person. For example, I wanted to work on a larger blockchain project that is listed on Coinmarketcap, so I started posting my content in groups where the founders were likely to hang out. In “Sol Puerto Rico,” the official Telegram group for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who are interested to rebuild Puerto Rico, I found a gentleman from  (Listed #217). He reached out to discuss content strategy and although he was looking for someone based in Puerto Rico, making a case for my value helped close the deal for my content and marketing advisory services.


Whether you are on Facebook or Telegram, joining interest groups and engaging with its members, is paramount. I am active on Women in Blockchain International (Telegram) where new opportunities are shared daily. I also increased on LinkedIn, where some blockchain executives get their industry insights and news. These strategies bring me back to content. The content attracted the people I wanted to work with. It took about a month now, to get over 10,000 views on my videos, around 50 comments, and over 100 shares. I wanted to set an example for women in blockchain by talking about the concerns and opportunities available.


From my online presence, I received requests for interviews by contributors on YouTube and various radio shows and news publications. What I found interesting was that some of these contributors are also in the groups, reading my activity. When they can see your content, pitching to them becomes easier. You can help ghostwrite articles that help you build relationships with these individuals who are increasingly busy with the demand for blockchain education.

I hope this helped you with your journey into the crypto/blockchain space. Message me on to learn how you can get involved or register for my Saturday’s Winner’s Circle Workshop to discuss ways to improve your negotiations skills.


Alice Hlidkova consults with individuals and businesses on cryptocurrency education and blockchain technology execution, advocating for women in blockchain. She is on the core management team for Pitch Investors Live, a new blockchain-backed platform where startups and entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and proposals to investors live. She started her consulting agency while a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University where she helped launch a tech public-private organization recognized by President Obama. Previous clients include the following: U.S. Department of Defense, InfusionSoft and Digital Age Business. She is based in Chicago, USA.