Women in Blockchain Awareness is Growing

The Women in Blockchain Community serves as proof that tomorrow’s leaders in emerging tech are strong and brave in inspiring the industry to reach mass adoption.

I joined the wibi.io (Women in Blockchain Telegram group) last year when we were only 40 members. It was an honor to advise the founder Akasha Indream and her team of advisors, including myself, Veronica Mihai DasOlayinka Odeniran and others. I recall the days when Akasha and I would be on the phone talking about our vision for women in this industry. I remember the day I had lost my U.S. Passport. Veronica drove me around London for 6 hours to help me sort out this issue so I could get a new passport and make it to NYC in time for my neweconomies.com show taped at NASDAQ. I recall the training coaching calls on leadership and negotiations, juggling 4 time zones. Our group has grown to over 650+ members.

These women invest in the blockchain, build systems and support one another at conferences. We answered F&Qs, coordinated meetings, recommended jobs, wrote news and content, and shared inspirational stories. We committed to the project and made a commitment to ourselves.

We are brave. We are the women in blockchain.