Educating Oneself on the Blockchain


Like anyone new in the blockchain space, it can be overwhelming to learn from a layperson’s point of view to understand the fundamental knowledge of what Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. Since 2017, I have been working for a newspaper "SF Examiner" and living in the Bay Area. With curiosity, what intrigued me the most is answering the question “ What is the value of the Blockchain?”. My personal goal is on how we can create a social impact. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I lived in a metropolis surrounded by rice fields and farms. I was very intrigued by what the Internet had to offer. It was my brother who would look for open-source technology and take advantage of it. He introduced me to OS open-source’s like Ubuntu and Linux. I taught myself how to program HTML in college. It is through continuous learning,  I would be listening to podcasts to improve my English & my hunger for new knowledge that I was able to explore further with new emerging technology.

Fast forward to 2015, I moved to San Francisco. I was enthusiastic to be part of a community of journalists with SF Examiner. I learned more about the local political and social issues. I was well acquainted with friends who have their own start-up companies and some of their projects went viral globally. I want to learn more on how I can be part & make a contribution in the space.

We are so lucky right now that education has become free and learning is more of a proactive initiative rather than following an educational curriculum. Here are a few of the educational tools & also learning experiences that I have done in the blockchain space.

Podcasts are your on-the-go learning while listening. I would listen to them early morning or when I am commuting to pass the time. If I do not understand it, I would just repeat it over and over again. It is a useful tool to improve your auditory skills. YouTube videos have become a universal vernacular for major influencers & experts in their field. If used properly for learning, you can take a lot of good insights on where Blockchain initiatives are going. Follow the vloggers that interest you and you feel connected to that. Align with what skills you have to make a contribution in this expanding cryptocosm.

Making a habit of reading books relevant to where I am passionate about and learning. To be more progressive, we need to be able to be more literate and be able to read other writers’ perspective in their own expertise in areas of blockchain & cryptocurrency through what they have written has given me more useful insights. Reading a book once a month for me has helped me understand an in-depth knowledge of the technology. When you read books from prolific influencers and catching their ideas.

Being in a meetup is a fun and engaging way of learning more about this technology. I would go for free networking events especially those organized by students and the academia. They are the ones that attract startup companies that need solutions and would brainstorm with the community on how it can be done in an optimal way. To learn fast you have to be brave to ask the questions to the speakers and even the people you meet. It’s from a UCI event that I was introduced to BlockchainBTM & met with the team. I was learning everything by working with this company, which I have committed to.

Applying to free courses offered by EdX & Coursera are ways you can take advantage of open source education. If you want you can also pay for a small fee to get a certification when you finished the program.

Joining group communities in Telegram has helped me see the traction of how the market is going.

I am sure there are many ways of learning in blockchain. This is my own personal journey on how I educate myself with blockchain without being overwhelmed by too much information.

Educating oneself in the blockchain can be quite a task since developments are being broadcasted in the media lightning speeds way beyond what Moore’s Law has predicted.

- Kristine Mallari, Contributor

Kristine is a former flight attendant from an international airline based in Korea. She became interested in blockchain and began researching the technology while working as an advertising executive for SaFranciscoco Media Co. as Chief Communications officer. She manages media promotions and community outreach, such as the placement of BlockchainBTM machines at various events and local meet-ups. Kristine is known for her tenacious drive and her healthy curiosity for technology, as well as the social impact it can create. Her passion for emerging technology and the trust created within communities has led her to positive collaborations within key influencers in the space. Kristine has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the Univeristy of the Philippines.