Publicity For Good CEO Admires Cryptocurrencies These Specific Reasons


During a Coin Rivet interview, CEO of Publicity for Good, Heather DeSantis shared her perspective on cryptocurrencies, why she is for them, and reasons she believes caused the public to hold a negative viewpoint on them. Publicity for Good, as the name may hint out, emphasizes on making a global social impact. DeSantis deems public relations has the power to transform the way the world is today and has since using PR campaigns to “create a positive influence [and] also impact a purpose driven business.”

This being said, it doesn’t come out as too much of a surprise when she says she’s for cryptocurrencies, as its use of the blockchain technology has proven to positively impact diverse businesses and industries. However, there still remains some areas she believes needs a lot of work. Here is a quick look at what she shared during the interview:

Where It All Started…

Based on the claims made, several cryptocurrency companies have approached her for PR services to introduce said projects. After analyzing the stories and the solutions at hand, DeSantis was immediately attracted to the digital assets.

The Right Team Determines The Sustainability Of Blockchain

DeSantis argues that “right” advisors and mentors, along with the pace at which a difference is being made and the solution at hand are all determining factors of how successful the firm will be and the sustainability of blockchain technology. The main problem that hinders this is “putting all your eggs in one basket.”

Wrong Pitch = Negative Media Viewpoint?

DeSantis argues that the main reason why media outlets either question the digital assets world or shuts them down altogether is because of the players within the very same market. That is, the way companies choose to market themselves. In addition, their focus on “overnight successes” makes it too promotional rather than positively impacting. Also, with the numerous crypto firms out there, the proposal has to be unique.

Why The Notion Of Crypto Is Difficult To Grasp?

When we hear money, we immediately think fiat currency – something that can be held in our hands. While debit and credit cards are not in money form, consumers have become confident that they too are “tangible” types of money. This is a similar reasoning DeSantis brings to the table. In particular, she said:

“[Cryptocurrency] is a non-tangible thing – you can’t hold it. The source of how it was created is unknown; it’s an arbitrary thing.”

Blockchain – The Fourth Revolution?

Blockchain technology has been considered the fourth revolution in many instances. A similar question was asked and in response, DeSantis believes that blockchain brings people back to the times where they were given full control of their own funds, adding that the technology, “works towards a more Utopian society at that’s what we’re moving toward.”

As for why she likes cryptocurrencies, the CEO obviously relates to it the positive difference it could make. She notes that there exists several “crypto companies [who’re] focusing on economic development and solving a problem for communities who struggle.”

Source: Bitcoin