TRON CEO and Former RippleLabs Chief Weighs in on XRP Price Surge


TRON (TRX), Ripple, XRP–Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON and former chief representative for RippleLabs, has weighed in on the price surge of XRP over the last several weeks, as well as giving his opinion on the landscape of cryptocurrency and global payments. Speaking in an interview with Investopedia published on Friday, the outspoken founder who worked with Ripple between 2014 and 2016 as a Chief Representative, has an interesting vantage point on both the evolution of the cryptocurrency startup and the coin XRP.

While Sun has traditionally been quiet about his time spent with Ripple, it did give him massive insight into the growing industry of blockchain and crypto, which led to his development of TRON and the TRX currency. When asked by Investopedia why the XRP currency was on a surge in price valuation and adoption, Sun explained that Ripple had built the coin specifically for improving the financial sector, particularly banks and that of global payment providers in solving the issue of costly and slow cross-border payments. While competitors offer services that can take multiple days and cause substantial fees to send money around the globe, Ripple’s xRapid service uses XRP directly for liquidity and can accomplish the same feat in less than two minutes and for a fraction of a penny–cost-saving measures that will be greatly appreciated in the world of fintech.