Exosis ICO (EXO Token) Set to Launch Crypto Exchange, Wallet and OTC Trading Platform


Exosis About To Kick Off Its ICO To Develop A Multi Utility Platform

With the cryptocurrency industry growing exponentially in the last few Years, Exosis has realized a great way to build a multi-functional cryptocurrency platform that has utility. The platform is also expecting to kick off its ICO starting from October 21, 2018 to November 19, 2018, looking to raise funds that will enable it to achieve its goals.

Exosis incorporates five different platforms in one: a multiplatform e-wallet, a virtual masternode, an OTC platform, and a decentralized e-commerce site. All these business modes rely on the platforms native coin – Exosis coin.

Exosis To Rely On Its Own Mainnet

Today, most altcoins out there are Ethereum-based, and are designed to offer a single highlighted business. This, according to Exosis, means that investors have to keep on speculating. The coins are driven by supply and demand trends, something that makes them volatile.

Exosis hope to change this; doing what many other cryptocurrency projects out there are not. The platform hopes to rely on its own mainnet, allowing it to control the scalability and security of its platform. And by having five business models in one, the Exosis coin becomes a utility token.

Uses Of Exosis Coin And ICO

The platform expects the use Exosis coin for transaction fees on the five different business models, which it hopes will create a constant demand enabling it to keep on appreciating. Over time, Exosis believes that its coin will be more lucrative and less volatile, making it a great digital asset for holding.

Since launching, the Exosis ICO has started gathering attention from media, individuals and private investment groups, according to the platform. The company expects to start with 21 million EXO, with 2 million of the coins pre-mined for the ICO.

The platform will also offer 10% referral and bounty bonuses, with the remaining allocated to different functions, including reservation for market backup (50%), promotion and advertising (30%) and development (20%). Exosis ICO will accept DOGEZECDASHBCH, and BTC as payment methods, with each coin going for $5.

Knowing that not all users have access to internet and hardware to run masternodes, Exosis explains that:

“Exosis has offered this opportunity to others by creating virtual masternodes that users can run without the hardware. It offers our users a passive income opportunity. The requirements to run a virtual masternode will be only 100 coins. The rewards will be the same as running the core wallet, but the difference is that the duration of staking will be locked. We will offer flexible durations of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.”