Sony Develops DRM Using Blockchain As Foundation

Sony has announced the development of Digital Rights Management (DRM) using blockchain. This will start with written works under the Sony Global Education umbrella, and may later be brought to other commercial media like music, movies and VR content. As it is now, the way blockchain works as DRM for academic works is that it allows Sony to track its content from creation through sharing. Users will also be able to see and verify whatever is being read via the blockchain DRM tool.

Sony’s statement reads “the system lends itself to the rights management of various types of digital content including electronic textbooks and other educational content, music, films, VR content, and e-books. As such, Sony is contemplating possible uses in a wide range of fields.”

Adding to the fact that Sony is looking to commercialise this service, we can more or less expect the technology to be present in all future music and movies released under the brand.

Source: Lowyat

Keywords: Blockchain