A Virginia university is now issuing degrees on Blockchain


Graduates from a Virginia college will now be able to get their degree through technology mostly known for cryptocurrency.

ECPI University, based in Virginia Beach but with campuses across the South and online, announced Tuesday that it will start issuing degrees digitally on Blockchain, becoming what it says is one of the first colleges to do so.

“This is the future of retaining your vital academic records independent of any issuing entity,” said ECPI University Chief Information Officer Jeff Arthur. “You retain proof and control of your achievements indefinitely.”

By issuing its degrees on Blockchain, students don’t need to contact the college’s registrar’s office to have a degree sent to a potential employer, among other things.

So how does it work?

Blockchain manages information in small units, which are called blocks. Those blocks are linked using cryptography and each one has a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. The technology was first used for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. It’s meant to improve security and access.

Employers, for example, will instantly see whether or not someone’s educational background on their resume is accurate.

“ECPI University is proud to be an early adopter and put an end to the archaic process of requesting a degree or transcript,” Arthur said.

ECPI, a private, for-profit institution, plans to use the platform to send out digital transcripts next year.

Source: Richmond.com