Alice Hlidkova - Strong Women & Strong Blockchains


Alice is the Co-Founder of She also holds administrative roles with two women in blockchain groups: WIBIO.IO & Her article series, Ask Alice is featured in and I interviewed Alice to get a better picture of the industrious, go-getting woman I see in many of the cryptocurrency & blockchain groups I am in.

1. Can you think back to a moment when you were a child that was an indication you would be challenging the status quo as an adult?

Alice: “During scheduled ‘nap times’ in kindergarten, I inspired my class to walk out of the school without being detected, and cross the street. I didn’t believe in nap times or someone telling me what to do. I wanted to venture out into the world instead of taking a nap."

Nov_kindergarten+033.jpgRe-enactment picture of Alice's Story.

2. As a woman in technology, what is one of your greatest accomplishments so far?

Alice: “Being able to become the first female on the founding team of a blockchain company, Pitch Investors Live, the only app that allows entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live using the PITCH token. Reach out to us"

3. How did you get into blockchain & cryptocurrency?

Alice: “When I started my consulting agency, Through the Changing Glass in graduate school. It was tough getting clients to pay me at first. What kept my business afloat was Bitcoin and Ethereum, that kept increasing in value in mid-2017. I was glad to have a Coinbase account until it was hacked. It was then I decided to sell crypto and blockchain education to startups and executives. Through trial and error, I discovered there were other women in the blockchain industry. So, I joined the Women in Blockchain International Telegram groups and became a strategic advisor for a 400-women-led organization called The rest is history."

4. What are some of your goals for the future? RE: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

Alice: “My first goal, is to create inclusion and financial freedom for women in business. Whether they are in tech or not, blockchain as a tool can help women accomplish that. No more gender biases, operational inefficiencies, and authoritative governments telling women if, when, and how they should participate in both formal and informal economies."

5. How can we contact you?

Alice: Find me on Work with me:

Hope you enjoyed reading about a strong woman apart of strong blockchains!