Launching a Media Company and Show at NASDAQ


Launching a company is aspirational let alone a media entity. For some of us, who want our freedom and to go to work on our terms, entrepreneurship is the way to go. Whether it’s a tech company, a consulting agency, or a show, get ready to be in the public eye to share stories, take the punches and continue to serve the leaders who are paving the road ahead.

At New Economies LTD, we bring the a la carte experience of media to validate your projects and help you thrive. We are pioneers in the industry and have an outstanding track record of participating with and pushing to the next level, most of the top 10 Crypto by valuation.


Building the Vision.

New Economies LTD, is a media company incorporated in London, England that brings awareness to blockchain technology projects and companies refining the building blocks for the future of the industry.

Investopedia describes the blockchain as: “A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Originally developed as the accounting method for the virtual currency Bitcoin, blockchains — which use what’s known as distributed ledger technology (DLT) — are appearing in a variety of commercial applications today.

Co-founded by TV Host, entrepreneur and investor Lucas Cervigni, we created the premier program New Economies filmed at NASDAQ studios for founders to pioneer the blockchain industry through media exposure. We saw the necessity to create the platform as an alternative to increasing PR and marketing costs in the industry. We also aspired to provide educational video content for not only increasing the social proof of companies but also to create a product — the video that showcases their value proposition.

Creating Relevance in the Marketplace.

The ICO space is quite noisy, saturated with token projects that don’t often sustain the global reach and endorsements. Typically, 10–15% of the tokens are allocated to marketing, including media. However, these percentages are not enough to engage the community post-ICO, and during the growth stages. One marketing company from Toronto that has completed over 70 ICO’S quoted a $1 million conservative investment to gain $10 million from online sales during the public sale of the token.

That is a budget that requires allocation prior to the private sale. Companies heavy on the marketing expertise like Pitch Investors Live, are able to keep their costs down. It’s about leveraging your talent, skill sets of team members, and the network of experts and investors that help you get to the front of the line.

Providing the Best Customer Service.

There are few brands that offer a la carte packages for media, networking with investors and entertainment; even fewer who are able to maintain a high customer service standard. We provide all three.

Guests are welcomed to New York City prior to the show to rehearse at a hotel lobby before meeting for a follow-up rehearsal in the makeup room of one of the 5 studios at NASDAQ’s, 4 Times Square Building. We film the interview for 10 minutes, with our team editing it down to 3–4 minutes. The video is branded “New Economies” with the NASDAQ logo in the backdrop. Guests are taken to a fine Italian restaurant to network with show participants at a roundtable before meeting at a rooftop lounge to meet with other blockchain thought leaders and investors. After the day of the show, we distribute our content to our LinkedIn contacts, our personal newsletters, and on our YouTube channel. Guests are entertained and taken care of for two days, in the heart of the Big Apple.

Defining Values First.

When launching New Economies LTD, I factored in two key values: strategic partnership and mentorship. Businesses thrive with appropriate and relevant partners who bring the experience and their network. These partners are experts in their field and serve as mentors. Lucas is my buffer during tough times, financial and emotional, and I am his. Fortunately, Lucas shares the same values, and we were able to add to one another –equity.

As the industry continues to grow despite the downturn in the market, we believe that many groups of people, women, children, and other marginalized groups can benefit from the technology.

Education and exposure are key for adoption. As the technical challenges continue, such as internet-connectivity, cyber hacking, and issues with software and issue updates, guests who come to the show are in good hands. They can be assured in sharing their expertise, opinion and recommendations in facing such obstacles.

Sharing Our Accomplishments

To secure the show wasn’t easy. It took my partner 6 months to have NASDAQ approve the program. Once approved, we started reaching out to our personal network of supporters, which included, clients, partners and affiliates. Many of our earlier guests were companies we advised or that came as a referral. We typically serve 8–10 guests on the day of the show, per month.

We are proud to announce that in our first month, our videos gained up to 25,000 views and now we are over 50,000. We have a combined network of 10,000 blockchain connections on LinkedIn with our watch time minutes increasing 25% from 100,000 to 125,000. We hired a show coordinator Nathan Minnehan, a branding specialist and entrepreneur, and two assistants to manage guest inquiries. We have a design and social media team to ensure brand consistency and trend congruency.

We have now crossed 30+ interviews at NASDAQ, and after a tough post-participation survey, our feedback came back with 97% customer satisfaction.

The Roadmap Ahead.

We are updating our website and will be adding media news wire, ICO advisory, and market research services. In the coming months, we will be filming at London’s BBC studios with a goal of filming in Switzerland at CNN Money, and in Dubai. We recently welcomed our new Manager of Strategic Partners Sahiqa Bennet, an entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist, based in Dubai.

As we grow, we will become the most relevant moving media, and incubation force for the global entrepreneurship blockchain sector, and we want you to be part of this.

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