Europe Names their Top 100 Digital Pioneers


On the 21st Nov 2018, I attended the special launch of the Top 100 European Digital Pioneers by the Financial Times. I am thrilled to be selected as a top 100 European Digital Pioneer and featured in a special report published by the Financial Times with support from Google.

The special report entitled "Europe's Road to Growth" was officially launched at Google’s offices in Brussels in a special awards ceremony which I attended.

This project, Europe’s Road to Growth, aims to highlight individuals, organisations and companies, large and small, that are tackling the challenge of digitalisation in interesting ways.

The Financial Times whittled down 4000+ nominations to a list of 100 digital transformation champions.

Europe’s Road to Growth

It was incredible to be a part of this impressive cohort of European Digital Pioneers and it is clear to see that there is a lot of potential in Europe when it comes to embracing and pioneering new technologies as part of our business models.

What is so impressive about this list is that it is made up of not only established names such as SAP, Spotify, Klarna, BlaBlahCar and but also newcomers to the market such as my company MarketOrders which is less than 3 years old.

What is even more exciting is that this list includes many companies that are making noticeable progressive strides in technology. For example, the list includes companies who are embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to machine learning (ML) to the blockchain.

This really excites me because it shows Europe, and not only the USA also has the potential to create word class companies who embrace technology and have the potential to create the next Googles’ and Facebook’s of tomorrow.

I am honoured to be recognised on this list as a ‘Leading Individual’, a list of men and women who are helping to promote digital transformation in Europe as leaders and influencers, both behind the scenes and in the public eye.

I am listed alongside other leading pioneers including Niklas Adalberth Co-founder of Klarna, Anne Boden Founder and chief executive of Starling Bank, Daniel Ek Founder and chief executive of Sweden-based music-streaming company Spotify, Taavi Kotka Estonia’s first-ever chief information officer, Frédéric Mazzella founder of BlaBlaCar, and Elizabeth Varley Founder of TechHub.

It is promising to see so many companies who are using new technologies especially the blockchain are on the list. Here are some of the other companies who are embracing new technologies from AI, ML and the blockchain:

MarketOrders Date founded: 2016 Country: UK Sukhi Jutla, Founder of Market Orders, the London-based business-to-business marketplace for gold jewellery and diamonds, which is using blockchain to record the provenance of gold. She is a frequent keynote speaker and a supporter of female entrepreneurs.

BBVA Date founded: 1857 Country: Spain The banking group has reduced operating expenses and seen huge growth in its digital customer base after investing in big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and blockchain projects.

Gucci Date founded: 1921 Country: Italy The luxury goods company is embracing robots and 3D prototyping in its manufacturing process.

Feral Horses Date founded: 2017 Country: UK Feral Horses aims to make owning art less elitist. The start-up runs an online trading platform on which people can buy and trade shares in works of art. Date founded: 2009 Country: UK A platform that enables individuals to own and control their personal data and choose which companies they share it with.

MOTIONrehab Date founded: 2017 Country: UK Uses robotics and virtual reality to help people recover from brain, spinal cord or head injuries, or illnesses such as cerebral palsy and strokes. OSA DC Date founded: 2015 Country: Estonia An AI-driven platform that passes consumer shopping data on to retailers and suppliers to help them improve their businesses.


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Written by Sukhi Jutla

Sukhi Jutla is the author of 3 books and the co-founder of MarketOrders, the online B2B marketplace for gold jewellery and diamonds. As a female tech ambassador, Sukhi is a regular keynote speaker, passionate about supporting female entrepreneurship. She is an IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer and her efforts have been recognized by a number of industry awards including the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, WeAreTheCity Rising Stars Award, Management Todays ’35 Women Under 35′ and listed as one of the Top 100 Asians in UK Tech.  In April 2018 Sukhi made global headlines when she became the World’s First #1 Bestselling ‘Blockchain’ Author.

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