New Economies Partner, Family Office Insights to Host "Luncheon" with's Andy Ellwood! -- November 27th


Join Family Office Insights on Tuesday for luncheon, November 27th to meet Andy Ellwood, 800,000 real-world shoppers, a $1.3T industry is about to change for the good of all.

I met Andy recently through our friends at New Economies, and aside from being part of the original WAZE team, he is super smart and on to something that satiates the desire of the mass population to save on something almost everyone must do in life.

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Please join Family Office Insights on Tuesday, November 27th to meet Andy Ellwood, Co-Founder and President of MassClarity to talk about how Commerce is broken, because Data is broken. MassClarity has a new blockchain protocol that powers decentralized physical world data marketplaces verified by crowdsourced communities. Launching with partner Basket's established community of 800,000 real-world shoppers, a $1.3T industry is about to change for the good of all. MassClarity is currently raising $15-30M.

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What: Commerce has reach peak centralization and cartel approved data monopolies are the root cause. There are very few players in the retailer game left and their wall-garden approach to commerce, the industry is left with very little leverage to bring about change. Small retailers, product manufacturers, and, perhaps most importantly, every day shoppers are left to make do with what information they can find. The retailer-cartel appointed guardians of data, like historic Nielsen and IRI, are slow and handcuffed by prohibitive data licensing agreements and yet, the industry commands $100B in fees each year in the quest for actionable information.

MassClarity is a new commerce model powered by community verified data from the real world. This blockchain protocol is built and sustained for people by people. MassClarity exists to bring efficient data marketplaces to the most challenging data sets in the world. Leveraging decentralized data collection, storage, and verification, MassClarity provides the tools, resources, and tokenized incentive structure to realize this mission.

MassClarity is the evolution of founders' Neil Kataria and Andy Ellwood's determination to bring pricing transparency and efficient marketplaces to offline commerce like what has been achieved online. MassClarity will launch alongside Neil and Andy's already successful company Basket, the first ever grocery intelligence platform powered by shoppers. Since its founding in 2014, Basket has raised over $20mm in traditional venture funding, has more than 800,000 downloads of their community application, and is producing millions of dollars in revenue through their Insights platform.

Who should attend:  Single Family Office investors, HNW investors, Institutional and Strategic investors.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 2018 from 12PM - 2PM.

Where: Fox Rothschild LLP - 101 Park Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10178.

PIR Video: FOI sits down with Andy Ellwood, Co-Founder and President of MassClarity – Watch Here!

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