Interview with Family Office Insights Founder & CEO Arthur Bavelas

Capture.jpg Family Office Insight’s Arthur Andrew Bavelas sat down with Alice Hlidkova from New Economies.

“I like Blockchain technology, more so than crypto,” says Bavelas, who finds the underlying tech appealing for storing valuable information in an era where “information is invaluable.”

Family Offices understand how blockchain technology can create new value in personal, financial and medical information.

"A blockchain system would be a huge improvement over the current way that our information is stored in multiple unrelated places, with people duplicating data entry — and making errors,” writes Cervigni in his book, Blockchain in Practice. Cervigni reflects on how blockchain tech can create a “need-to-know” priority in order to prevent confidential information being seen by the wrong people. Blockchain technology brings value for family offices in that it allows “sophisticated or sensitive transactions that can only be conducted and verified by people with the right professional expertise,” writes Cervigni.

This is important for deal flow and verifying the information in making investments. Arthur oversees 10% of the deal flow among a community of 800 investors, and spends “95% of my time trying not to lose my money.” To learn more about Arthur by visiting the family office website:

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