Dr. Cahana's Blockchain Vision for Healthcare


Imagine a world where your doctor sits with you, not behind a computer busy filling endless forms, where you own your personal health record and you can be financially rewarded for being healthy. Imagine a world where the receptionist at the clinic asks: “how are you” and not “what is your insurance”, or that you know the price of your visit BEFORE you walk in and your doctor is paid immediately.

Imagine a world where your doctor can easily track all the medications you were prescribed, or that she is no more afraid that a hacker can steal her identity and ruin her reputation.

This world is possible thanks to blockchain.

Blockchain, like the Internet, is a technology that allows people to exchange data, information and money. However, it does it securely, transparently and without the need of a “trusted” third party. It does it thanks to its ability to record transactions in a verifiable and permanent way, using military-grade encryption.

Because Healthcare is fragmented, regulated and data is often in silos, blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) applications (also known as decentralized apps or dApps) can solve identity, data interoperability and cybersecurity problems, while connecting healthcare professionals and empower patients to engage in healthy behaviors.

In addition, Blockchain’s digital money (know as crypto-currency or tokens) gives patients an opportunity to invest in health and wellness platforms, to become not only health but also wealth producers. Similarly, it offers a new way for investors to raise capital that otherwise would have been unavailable or too expensive.

This Friday at the Centre d’Innovation at Geneva University Hospital, healthcare professionals, researchers, administrators, start up entrepreneurs, investors and Blockchain enthusiasts will have the opportunity not only to understand blockchain, Initial Coin and Security Token Offerings (ICO and STO) and its use cases in healthcare, but also meet CryptoHealth start ups and learn about the “blockchain mindset”.

Written by Dr. Alex Cahana

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New Economies will be joining Dr. Alex Cahana in Geneva on Friday to present blockchain use cases for the health care sector.