Take A Bow: The Companies Supporting The Blockchain Industry


When you write about blockchain and cryptocurrency you tend to get a lot of emails offering CEO interviews, background on emerging ICOs and everything in between.

I thought it would be interesting to go through some of the companies who have reached out to me and take a look at exactly what they do and who they serve.

I was amazed to see that a full-service industry now exists to propel that startup (the one you haven’t heard of yet) to glory, and so I dived a bit deeper to figure out just what help a successful ICO might need.

Indeed, the industry isn’t made up of blockchain companies alone; there are vital supporting services that make up the ecosystem. Despite having a science-fiction/futuristic ring to it— the blockchain industry is no lone wolf.

In the world of financial technology, it really is "evolve or die". So here are my top 3 from each section of the blockchain and crypto industry of who I believe are pushing the boundaries, from accounting services to tokenomics.

Accounting Services

Preparing and examining financial records is no easy task and in a relatively new industry, some of these expenses and purchases may be foreign to accountants who have not worked with blockchain and cryptocurrency companies before. Here are a few of the best crypto-accounting companies out there who have managed to get their heads around it.

Source: Forbes