India’s SP Jain School of Global Management Issues Blockchain Certificates to Over 1,000 New Graduates


One of India’s leading business schools just awarded its batch of fresh grandaunts with blockchain based certificates. These graduates numbering 1,189 got their certificates awarded by the SP Jain School of Global Management. These certificates which are now readily available on the ethereum blockchain will make it very easy for headhunters and hiring managers to verify the education claims and qualifications of graduates from the school without necessarily getting in touch with the school.

All they would have to do is scan the certificate’s QR code to confirm if their new prospective hires actually went to and graduated from the said school. The process is pretty straightforward, seamless and efficient. Just about anyone, regardless of technical know-how will be able to verify these details, thanks to blockchain’s immutable properties.

Other important details that are stored on the blockchain include the candidate’s projects, class attendance, work portfolio –if any, and many other relevant information needed by the prospective employer. This detailed information will be available without compromising the individual’s privacy and identity.

According to Nitish Jain, President of SP Jain School of Global Management,

“There have been various attempts globally to issue certificates on the blockchain. But so far no one has captured the complete lifecycle of the certification, … Students’ attendance and other private data are securely stored in the school’s private blockchain and only the certification related data is exposed to the public Ethereum blockchain.”

With this initiative, SP Jain School of Global Management has joined the league of educational institutions and countries that are using blockchain technology to prevent fraudulent educational claims and ensure the veracity of prospective job seekers’ academic claims.

Currently, educational institutions in the Caribbean and South East Asian countries like Malaysia, are making a lot of efforts in that regard too.

In November for instance, the Malaysian Ministry of Education revealed a blockchain based certificate verification platform for all degrees issued by universities in the country.

The goal of this system is to prevent the prevalence of fake degrees and the false educational claims by individuals, combat degree fraud and maintain the integrity of all legitimate universities in Malaysia.

According to people familiar with the matter,

“The fake educational certificates not only disadvantage genuine students but also pose numerous dangers to society when critical sectors such as healthcare are staffed with people of questionable expertise.”

The same is happening in the Caribbean, where the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) awarded 24,000 candidates blockchain based certificates in November.

These certificates can be accessed on the Blockcerts Wallet, where it is stored and readily available for public verification. With this system, certificate verification in the country will be very fast, efficient and time-saving.