Interview: Nikolay Shkilev, Advisor, Crypto Enthusiast and Mentor


Rated as one of the top 3 in People of Blockchain, Nikolay Shkilev is an avid crypto enthusiast and mentor. His field of accomplishments is certainly intriguing and impressive, to say the least. An ICO bench expert, he has 20 years worth of experience in large-scale transaction projects under his belt. Over the years Shkilev has garnered plenty of accolades and awards in the IT sector; ‘Self-Made Russia award’, ‘Best ICO advisor award’ in Blockchain Life summit, ‘Super TOP award’ and many more. He is also the founder and CEO of Private Business Club, although his business interests are wholly diversified and also co-founder of ‘Top ICO advisors’. We delve into the mind of this important blockchain protagonist, to better understand what makes him tick...

Can you tell us what your current job entails and which fields can blockchain be applied to and which concern you the most?

"Firstly, I am a businessperson with 20 years of experience of owning different types of businesses, ranging from FMCG, medicine, and logistics to IT technologies. In parallel, I work as a mentor, advisor to help tens of projects worldwide in the area of the blockchain, ICO and STO. I receive hundreds of offers every day, but I try to select only the most perspective projects where a strong team and the operating product are present, not just the idea and a website".

When were you captivated by blockchain? How did you feel?

"I began studying blockchain several years ago; it was something completely new to me, something novel and interesting. I understood that it was the future of our time, just like the Internet. 25-30 years ago, the Internet was neither understood nor accepted, and the ones who refused to use it have lost their businesses. We are currently witnessing an evolution in the form of blockchain. Yes, so far, it is in its infancy, but the trend cannot be denied and the cynics have already been proven wrong. Whoever masters this market quickest will become rich, and then your own children will tell legends of such people.

Shkilev recently won the prestigious award of Best ICO advisor at the Blockchain Life summit in St Petersburg. These are some of the points he has identified when considering an ICO project.

Attentively research the project's team. Do they have enough experience to reach certain goals? Are they an international or a local team? They must have LinkedIn profiles on their website, to let people and you look at their history and experience. Pay attention to advisors and their experience with successful ICOs as well. It's not as hard as it sounds.

Check the website to see if it was just quickly thrown together, or made with passion and bright ideas in mind.

Look through the White Paper. It shouldn't have less than 20-25 pages. More about it later.


Source: Forbes