Iomob scores Major Victory with Renfe


2018 was good to Iomob and 2019 is getting started with a bang. To be honest, we learned this great news at the end of 2018 but it was just announced today. Out of 240 startups who applied, Renfe, the Spanish rail network, has chosen 4 companies to work with in their new TrenLab. This news of course follows the announcement of Iomob winning Ford Motor Company’s City of Tomorrow Challenge to launch a pilot of the Iomob protocol in Pittsburgh starting this quarter.

With the opening of the transportation market in Europe, Renfe has made a commitment to getting ahead of the curve. One area Renfe is keen to pursue is the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market where mobility users gain seamless access to a host of public and private mobility services through a single application.

In announcing the new TrenLab at South Summit in Madri in October of this year, Renfe’s President Isaías Táboas stated:

Mobility is going to change. The concept of mobility we have enjoyed until now, that the different modes of transport had no interactions between them is changing and is going to change much more.

In this scenario of change, RENFE is going to be leading this change. We are going to ensure that it is not just the RENFE journey, but we are going to integrate all the modes of transport so that the user who wants to move with RENFE has complete satisfaction. From leaving their house to arriving at their final destination. This means, integrated all modes of transport, fares and payment, information, accessibility. This means a lot of changes, innovations, challenges and opportunities. We are going to make a great effort.

People need this and RENFE has to offer this if it wants to survive in this new competitive world we face.

Startups play a fundamental role. We have to enable this seamless creativity and innovation in our society. We need their energy and creativity. TrenLab was launched to help us meet the growing demands of our users and almost double our budget for R&D and startups are going to play a major role in this.

Iomob is building a decentralised tech stack which enables such aggregation to happen in a much more open way. With Iomob, any legal mobility service can be discovered, routed, booked and paid for. We enable fully multimodal routing through our robust algorithms.

Iomob is very excited about working with Renfe, who has 17 million annual customers, to help them launch what Manel Villalante, Renfe’s General Director for Strategy & Development, refers to as “Renfe as a Service” which will allow Renfe to offer a seamless MaaS like experience for rail users so they can literally go from the door of their home to the door of their destination hotel in Spain using the same app they use to purchase their train tickets.

Stay tuned as we work towards a pilot with Renfe and also to forthcoming news about more exciting developments at Iomob in 2019.

About us: iomob is working to decentralize and build the Internet of Mobility, by incentivizing and facilitating the use of alternative transport. By using the blockchain, iomob plans to minimize fees and allow mobility providers and end-users alike to connect on a peer-to-peer basis. In their own words: iomob is “a system which produces a useful output at the lowest possible marginal cost.”

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Source: Iomob