How I accidentally hedged and killed a Cryptocurrency

I wasn’t trying to kill the future, just save mine

Here’s a story for 2019. Not something I’m proud of. I didn’t decide to write this, until about 10 minutes into Black Monday, the series that premiered on HBO recently. I want to make this quick. I’m just a millennial that made a big mistake.

This isn’t my usual topic. I know, I know, who doesn’t want more art and poetry at this time. Life is going great, but let me get started with an alternate future we all could have lived in. This wasn’t something Neal Stephenson wrote. This was real and happening in 2017.


It was pretty revolutionary. This was during the time I lived in the Midwest. God, how much I missed it.

I heard about a Cryptocurrency called Bitqy. Right after I heard about Bitcoin. It seemed quite revolutionary. I heard about it from someone who was very poised in my life and today still is. But I don’t think they want to hear or listen to my reasoning for the destruction I did. Hey friend, by the time you read this, it’ll all make sense. So here I am.

Bitqy was doing pretty good when I heard about it. The users and fans were raving. It seemed like it would become the E-coin of America. So many small and medium businesses were willing to listen to the raving fans and accept it as a token of currency. This was real adoption that was taking place in only a short period of time.

Of course, Coinbase help got me started in trading Cryptocurrency. I never really had a strategy. Just a mindset. The mindset was to buy and wait. The future was right next door, why not?

Eventually, I started to see profits. Like jump out of your chair dancing profits. But I never pulled out. I just kept going in and in. This was when all the advancement talk and what blockchain, Ethereum, and IOTA could be used for was happening. But who cares, not all of those advancements are available to everyone.

Leaving Coinbase

I never kept trading on Coinbase. I wanted more. There were other trading platforms and I started to learn them. User interface wise. That’s what really caused all the problem. And the hedging.

There were a few exchanges that accepted Bitqy. I was already a user of Bitqy, I trusted it and used it like many of the new adopters. That really has a lot of input and insight into what you can expect. I didn’t have any financial analyst strategy.

So I began trading on a few of these Cryptocurrency exchanges. There were definitely some hits I took, but it was necessary. I needed to learn. And once I learned, I let my impulse took over. All over a crappy computer.

I’m young. And I still make mistakes. More importantly, I made these mistakes on a computer that I tuned specifically for League of Legends. The quality of the game matches the name. But literally, I cannot express how bad my Dell Latitude e6420 sucks. I still use this laptop right now, but I will convert to the Microsoft Surface because it matches my desire.

At this point, I’m a few weeks into crypto trading. Google, Feedly, and some other sources made my news gathering easy and curated. Reading the headlines made me feel like I knew what to expect. Except that Bitqy would fall.

The Coingather Exchange before it suddenly vanished

So much nostalgia running through me. I felt like everyone won who traded Bitqy on this exchange. It was so good to you. My results from this exchange made all the other exchanges looked like nothing. It doesn’t exist any more. I probably had some other wallets on there which are safe and sound in someone else’s hand. But it doesn’t matter. They didn’t cause my accident. It just happened on their platform.

It must’ve been the evening when this happened. To be honest, I don’t remember when. I just remembered I started calling my impulses “Amazon Go” because of how seamlessly I made purchases off of Amazon. It was like an inception of hazes and trances.

So one day, I’m trading. I’m glued to the screen. The transaction movement was a lot slower on Coingather, but if you made losses on other exchanges, you’d bring it to this one to get your money back. I didn’t become filthy rich. You need money to make money. I was just really careless. Really, really careless because I was on the exchange with my Amazon Go impulses.

I a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t-l-y sold Bitqy at extremely low prices. If you’ve been trading then you know and see a lot of automation when your transaction is ready to be processed. These prices were so low that I got a notification telling me my prices weren’t possible and immediately fixed my inputs to the lowest prices possible. Something like that. I don’t remember how the exchange work. It’s not there no more. I just kept going and going. This all happened in one day. And then it happened. Everyone stopped buying Bitqy. I really thought I was winning. I can still hear DJ Khaled telling me “I played myself” the few days after I found out.

Everyone stopped buying Bitqy.

Remind you, this was a small-knit community. Small-knit, these everyday and some wealthy people pulled dramatic results. I saw it in person. Businesses were willing to adopt and take on this coin. They thought it was good for them. It was. Until I came along.

Bitqy did spike a few times after, but everyone who knew about Bitqy, knew about Coingather. You had too. It was just too good for you. Eventually that feeling I left on Bitqy pulled onto other exchanges. People eventually left it alone. That’s the worst kind of bystander effect you could wish for.

How’d it happened?

To this day I honestly don’t know. My keypad at the time wasn’t working, so I had a mouse. My mouse often double click. You can get a lot of made errors with a double clicking mouse. I definitely had the numbers input right, just not the zeros. I knew I had some keys that wouldn’t pressed or add too many keys at time. But the exchange is gone now. I can’t change anything or take back my lost wallets.

My laptop wasn’t cursed. I still use it now. It’s running great as I’ve updated it and can do multiple things at once. But I can’t go conspiracy theorist and say “Coingather did this to me! They added in the zeros and made my selling price low!” I’d like to. As a matter of fact I’d still like to. Hell, I was going for a profit. But I have to accept that my wallets now are in a future that’s unprecedented. But who knows? It may have been for the better. Everything happens for a reason. I’m still alive. Fortunately.

Bitqy founders, if your reading this I’m sorry. Your nothing like the Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland, although your stories do compare. You guys definitely had some heart in you. I just had too much and a miss clicking mouse, bad keyboard keys, and don’t let me get started with the hardware.

So yeah, definitely upgrade your phone and computer and devices every year. You just may accidentally kill your own happiness as I did.

Good news is my laptop is updated. Good, right?

P.s. I’m writing this because I’m currently watching Black Monday. Also Manifest. The “Tell your truth” line spoke to me a little too much. I have no idea if telling the world about the hedger from hell is going to do me any good. But I’m in Florida now, where it’s Sunny and has no comparison to Hell. Stay beautiful.


Source: Leo Borgelin