5 Ways to Engage International Clients


We get hundreds of private messages on LinkedIn that we don't read. Why?

Messages are not fun, text only, with no element of surprise. I take time to read each message, offering free or paid advice on changing your language to trigger a response--and inspire me to have a conversation with you.

Here are ways you can engage international clients, grabbing their attention.

1. Highlight their work you have read. I got a CEO's attention after highlighting a shared mutual interest for advocating women's rights in the Middle East.

2. Highlight achievements. When they are in the news, I send private message not only with a "congratulations," but also mentioning the article/book/podcast they were featured in.

3. Ask for interviews. Everyone likes to be interview for the virtue of education and creating social impact. You'll rarely get a "no."

4. Do your homework; i.e, if you are trying to reach a crypto hedge fund know that there are 350 in the market of which 47 are regulated and of those only 7 are active, meaning the company actively trades your assets.

5. Send an audio recording thanking individuals for their contribution before trying to sell anything.


Written by Alice Hlidkova

Alice Hlidkova is a visionary, futurist, and a blockchain consultant and writer, based in Chicago. She helped launch MetroLab Network, a Carnegie Mellon University startup that deploys technologies such as IOT applications, traffic sensors, and autonomous vehicle pilot programs to cities for testing (the organization received funding from the White House and was recognized by President Obama in the first 10 months of its inception). Alice founded her creative consulting agency, Through the Changing Glass LLC, to advise tech startups on positioning and capital raise in Silicon Valley.

In 2017, Alice joined the founding team of Pitch Investors Live, the only blockchain company for entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live, 24/7, via the app. Through her agency, Alice advises numerous blockchain companies including the Women in Blockchain Impact Group (WIBI.io) and serves as the Strategic Partnerships Architect for leading blockchain news portal, Missblockchain.tech, where she is also featured as one of the main contributing writers.

Alice has advised over 20 blockchain projects led by startups, corporations and governments, in over a dozen countries including the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Her expertise include PR/media, marketing, strategic partnerships and investor relations. She has authored/co-authored over 200 articles on the blockchain industry for Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Talk, Merkle, Coinidol, Inc. and Forbes Magazines. Alice holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Carnegie Mellon University.