Alice Hlidkova: A Story About Entrepreneurship, Health and Blockchain


Part 1When we talk about blockchain and healthcare we need to highlight reproduction and women’s health.

And I’m serious.

Blockchain solutions are relevant for clinics that freeze women’s eggs. Many of them are private like the one I’m visiting called ReProfit, In Brno, Czech Republic. Blockchain can track and trace the extraction and storage of eggs so that they when they are accidentally switched the point of origin in the supply chain can be identified.

There are a few cases of women who had their eggs switched and after raising their children for two years went had to return them to their appropriate patent. Imagine the emotional toll the event had on the women, the damage to the reputation of the clinic and the scare many women experience as they make that decision whether to freeze their eggs and when.

Questions about storage and donation vary from one country to the next. For example, in CZ if you don’t pay your bill the clinic destroys your eggs and in other countries the law permits the clinics to donate women’s eggs.

Part 2

I made a pragmatic decision to freeze my eggs.

I’m an entrepreneur. I’m single and my ovaries don’t wait.

I want options and because I believe I am a successful entrepreneur that will one day become a mom, freezing eggs made the most sense. I’m no longer anxious or force myself to choose a career or motherhood. I’m mature enough to make wiser decisions and thrive in all aspects of life. I thought women freeze eggs because they want a career and postpone motherhood but after delving into the topic, I found out that women freeze their eggs because they can’t find suitable partners according to one study (man to woman ratio of 1:7).

My call to action is to support women in these options and include such conversations among business leaders as they consider blockchain solutions. We need more education on women’s health and blockchain which should first start as women’s needs in their entrepreneurial journey.

Part 3

The procedure was a success.

After posting about the process and exploring blockchain implications, I received over 100 messages mainly from women expressing their gratitude.

My friend wrote: “thanks for speaking out about this issue. I just went through ovarian cancer recently and now my options are limited for natural fertility. Thankfully I too went through several rounds of IVF to freeze my eggs previous to meeting my current partner.”

Such comments inspire my efforts for learning how to use technology to enhance wellness and as Dr. Weng Wei said, “advance civilization.”

The Chinese investor is building museums in China to teach people about finances and blockchain, understanding that finance and technology are important pillars in enhancing the wellbeing of civilization.

At 23, my step mom died of ovarian cancer.

She was 34.

At the time I had a health issue that could have led to ovarian cancer. Instead I focused on nutrition and after 7 years, I found a cure without a single prescription. Ovarian health is as important as nutrition and fitness. Using technology to enhance them along with education is the solution for humanity.

Written by Alice Hlidkova

Alice Hlidkova is a visionary, futurist, and a blockchain consultant and writer, based in Chicago. She helped launch MetroLab Network, a Carnegie Mellon University startup that deploys technologies such as IOT applications, traffic sensors, and autonomous vehicle pilot programs to cities for testing (the organization received funding from the White House and was recognized by President Obama in the first 10 months of its inception). Alice founded her creative consulting agency, Through the Changing Glass LLC, to advise tech startups on positioning and capital raise in Silicon Valley.

In 2017, Alice joined the founding team of Pitch Investors Live, the only blockchain company for entrepreneurs and startups to pitch investors live, 24/7, via the app. Through her agency, Alice advises numerous blockchain companies including the Women in Blockchain Impact Group ( and serves as the Strategic Partnerships Architect for leading blockchain news portal,, where she is also featured as one of the main contributing writers.

Alice has advised over 20 blockchain projects led by startups, corporations and governments, in over a dozen countries including the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Her expertise include PR/media, marketing, strategic partnerships and investor relations. She has authored/co-authored over 200 articles on the blockchain industry for Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Talk, Merkle, Coinidol, Inc. and Forbes Magazines. Alice holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Carnegie Mellon University.