Delightful Lessons from World Economic Forum 2019


When people hear of “Davos,” they think of the World Economic Forum — the leading forum carrying the global weight of significance.

This year, the tiny Swiss mountain village welcomed over 3,000 leaders from Bill Gates the technologist to Andrej Babiš the prime minister of my country, CzechiaThe security levels were high with snipers on top of the roof of the building which didn’t bother 68th United States Secretary of State John Kerry. He was walking alone on the street. Nearby fund managers and senior executives from Bridgewater Capital were having dinner at Hotel Europe, in front of our studio.

Sharing space with leading Swiss companies form Crypto Valley and Interview with Shermineh
Our studio next to Europa Hotel!

When I say ‘studio,’ I’m referring to a shipping container our Swiss partners (Crypto Mountain and others) converted into a heated space to host our interviews. Key interview discussions included BloomWater Capital Founder Veronica Mihai on regulated crypto hedge fund (there are only 7 in the marketplace), Boeing engineer Monica King on electrical engineering and blockchain mathematical equations, CV VC AG CEO Mathias Ruch on blokchain startup growth in Zug, Switzerland, Algo Trader Founder Andy Flury on trading strategies and his new office in Singapore, Health care entrepreneur Latisha Taylor on her new blockchain projects, Cyrus BC Ceo Shermineh .salehiesmati on regulation and market maturation, Former Arab Bank of Geneva CEO Nikolas Chikhani on role of banks in crypto, CoreLedgerCEO Richard Zbinden on crypto market activity, CEO Thierry Aryz Ruiz on asset backed cryptocurrencies, Liquid Token CEO Tom Duncan on crypto liquidation, Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov on building schools, as well as members of the Chinese Blockchain Delegation Danny Deng and Industry Dr. Weng Wei.

Welcome from Blockchain pioneer Don Tapscott

From speaking to such leaders, the biggest takeaway is that blockchain industry is here to stay. The sector is maturing with new protocols built on the blockchain. Regulation is a serious topic of discussion. The industry is not hype, it’s real. Many policy makers, bankers and startups are working together on a multi-stake model approach to build upon existing models.

Latish Taylor at the studio

One of my favorite quotes came from Dr. Wei who is known as the ‘Godfather’ of Mergers & Acquisitions in China, said: “Technology is not about money; it is about social impact and civilization. Blockchain questions trust, inspires youth and influences humanity…it is a powerful idea that can transform the entire society.” Such quotes inspires greater collaboration and what Sheila Warren, Blockchain Head of the World Economic Forum calls, “exciting change.”

Interview with Sheila Warren

However more works to be done in creating diversity inclusion to attract women. Warren highlights, “This is a very diverse space despite the fact that it does not remain equal in any fashion…when it comes to women. Nonetheless it is such an improvement from the last generation of technologist.”

As the industry continues to attract the most agile and creative leaders, with regulators and traditional actors following suit, we must continue to educate the benefits and impact the technology has on society. As global citizens, it is our duty to educate and shed light on the most brilliant minds .

Talks with Danny Deng

At New Economies, we create the platform for such individuals. We want to make blockchain accessible to everyone through education, marketing, partnerships and investment.

Photo with Lucas Cervigni in front of WEF banners

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