Blockchain for social impact moving beyond the hype

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The promise — and potential — of blockchain to drive social impact is massive, but how much of it is hype and how much is reality? Proponents contend blockchain will touch, if not disrupt, every major industry and will even alter the way that people and societies interact. Technology that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes transparency can have significant implications for sectors that are dedicated to driving social impact.

The potential to transform systems and leapfrog infrastructure can enable solutions that previously weren’t thought to be possible. But the question remains: Are we at the pinnacle of a history altering technology that will drive massive social impact, or is blockchain the latest tech buzzword — more noise than substance?

This report is a result of an analysis of 193 organizations, initiatives, and projects that are leveraging blockchain to drive social impact. By mapping and cataloguing the landscape of such blockchain applications, our research captured which applications have already begun to demonstrate proven social impact, which industries and use cases are more or less advanced, and what we should be learning from the hundreds of test cases, pilots, and experiments that are using blockchain for social impact.

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Source: Stanford University