Applying mental conditioning from Ironman training to the blockchain industry

Photo credit: JT Clough

Photo credit: JT Clough

What does a 9X Ironman triathlete, including two World Championship finishes bring to the blockchain industry? “Fun and easy ways (gamification) to teach both the non-technical as well as technical types new to the concept, the uses of the blockchain, utility tokens, and various other new economy currencies,” says JT Clough.

Alice Hlidkova interviews the ultra athlete and entrepreneur on the cutting edge of marketing and positioning in social media platforms, staying small enough to be nimble and dynamic enough to move the needle.

What have you learned from the blockchain industry?

The blockchain industry has taught me that there are real breakthroughs, true disruptions in industries that seemed set in stone for many years despite the fact that they are outdated, broken and lack any sort of transparency. Blockchain is bringing teams of people together to promote the art of what is possible and making those possibilities available to people on a global level.

Why did you decide to enter this sector (your “aha” moment).

I was asked to work on a blockchain/cryptocurrency project that was centered around a campaign for humanitarian causes and natural disaster relief funds. I was working on another project that culminated in an event. This particular company was presenting on stage at that event and had observed how I’d put the project together. They asked me to work on their project based on that. I had to tell them, “I’d love to work on your project but I don’t know anything about blockchain or cryptocurrency.” They responded with, “we don’t care, you’ll learn”. I immersed myself and in fact, learned very quickly. To be honest, it was an accident that I ended up in blockchain.

What is your favorite project?

The project that I am working on currently,, is refreshing. The platform that we are developing is applying blockchain to content, courses, e-commerce, humanitarian projects and so much more. It  is educationally-based, using gamification to help people understand the tech and participate. Those who are in tech have a platform to develop next level on. It’s all very exciting with a team committed to the quality of the project and use case rather than putting financial gain as the only reason to create a blockchain project of this caliber.

What is your least favorite aspect of the industry?

The projects that have given the entire industry a bad name by raising large funds with no real intention of developing the tech they published on a whitepaper.

What contribution do I make to this sector?

I’ve developed a 101-course series to help educate those that may not have a technology background.

What interests you most about the industry?

The transparency aspect when it comes to big business. The ability to remove third-party fees and censorship from content, products and services and the way the industry is bringing people together to work on projects that matter

Where do you get your work ethic?

I grew up on a ranch and played sports. The first is about getting up and going out to feed, water and take care of things no matter the weather or how you feel, every single day. That ethic combined with my coaches in high school who cheered me on to use my athletic abilities to excel at whatever I wanted to do in life.

Lastly, as an athlete what skills have you learned during your training that you applied to the blockchain industry?

Be consistent. In my mind I say, “I’ll figure it out.” I tell the story of how I learned how to swim, at 32. I went from not knowing how to swim to learning technique and training everyday consistently enough to qualify for the Ironman World Championships. In that very first short triathlon I didn't know how to swim, so I paddled to the lake shore which began the journey.

More on JT:

Jt Clough is an advisor, content queen, seeker, occasional genius, marketing maven, and a 9X Ironman triathlete, including two World Championship finishes who’s experience in marketing spans the fitness/health, positive projects, blockchain, and dog wellness industries.

She is currently CEO and Founder of Learn Basic Blockchain and Director of Marketing at HyperionX. As CEO and Founder of Learn Basic Blockchain, an educational based platform with a freemium entry, giving everyone access to learning the fundamentals of blockchain.

Clough has been creating and marketing businesses for the past 30 years, starting in 1988 with her first sole proprietor marketing business venture. She went on to co-found Tintinger, Cartwright & Assoc. Other endeavors include brick and mortar retail and several dog training companies. Her life long love for fitness has led her to advise professional sports personas and their business models.

Written by Alice Hlidkova

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