Swap Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ether (ETH) for Bruno Mars, Britney Spears and Grand Prix Tickets


Do you want to watch the Grand Prix? Maybe see Britney Spears? How about Bruno Mars, too? The White Company, crypto’s go-to luxury merchant, is offering a package deal that will entertain even the most somber crypto millionaire. All you need is 0.88 Bitcoin (BTC). That’s 10.27 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or 26.37 Ether (ETH) if you’re counting.

The 2018 Grand Prix will be held on October 21 in Austin, Texas, home of legendary barbecue and music. This thriving city of almost one million people provides plenty of backup entertainment options if you’re not entertained enough by the music superstars and vehicles whizzing by at hyper speed.

The biggest Formula One racing event in the country, the Grand Prix showcases Formula One cars that are considered the fastest regulated road racing cars in the world, achieving speeds of up to 235mph. Despite their powerful engines, most Formula One cars only achieve the minimum required weight of 691kg (1,523lb).

On top of the VIP Access Pass that lets you enter the track and hop on the exclusive in-circuit track shuttle, you’ll enjoy a climate-controlled venue for viewing, the Grandstand big screens closed circuit TV site, covered seating, access to the Velocity Lounge and access to the Legends Club VIP Hospitality.

Source: DAILY