Happy customers say Happy things with a SMILE!

I always love seeing other women do well and if I can help accelerate your Middle East plans I will. I am inspired by all the work you’re doing and I hope many more people can benefit and vice versa. I believe it’s our duty to help each other in life and give back.

Sahiqa Bennet - S.B, blockchain entrepreneur, based in Dubai

I am reaching out.. I read your posts..and listen to your interviews..and am thoroughly following you as you educate the market about crypto world..and markets..you are doing Yeoman's work..KUDOS to you. Will continue to follow you..and keep up all the great work.

Stuart Ehrlich - CEO at BigMansLand, Inc.

I’ll always recommend you, you're a fantastic professional! In the past during 30 years I worked as a corporate communication and crisis management advisor, I know very well your good work!

Miguel benavent - Co-founder, B-Ecosystem

Bob Circosta The Billion Dollar Man at Home Shopping  Network asks his clients to tell the public What’s so good about that! When people agree they adopt. First tell me the benefits and then show me the opportunity. Alice Hlidkova you and Lucas have a great platform to educate and deliver the next platform for those who are creating legacy businesses like Bob in doing so you create a legacy of your own. Ray Speth is one proud mentor!

Ray Speth - entrepreneur, real estate developer

Alice - I appreciate your videos, unique topics and blockchain enthusiasm.

Ron Corbett - Founder, SatoshiConomy

You are such an inspiration, I can’t ever forget you taking the time to tell me how I could make a bigger impact. You have always been so supportive no matter what and to see how far you have gone since the time I have known you, it is just impressive. Keep up the wonderful work.

Tamara Sanchez - strategist, burstcoin.

Alice, I have been following your posts for quite some time. As you are well aware the vast applications of Blockchain ledgers throughout the digital space. Specifically, for monetary mediums, I find people need a primary base of knowledge as to WHY the blockchain is essential to a viable and truthful economic system.  Specifically, most cannot imagine a non, Fiat fractional reserve system or don;t know how that relates to inflation. In Direct Contrast a ledger blockchain (If I'm saying that right) is just the opposite, thus giving it so much value because there is a limited amount of "coins" that can be mined, and not just a Private bank called the  Federal Reserve just printing to the exponent of it's original reserve, or Gold back, "Ledger". I think once more people actually realize how the PetroDollar and Federal Reserve work, then it is impossible not to see the value of the Blockchain. I'm sure many whom you interact with know this, but what have you seen as far as why people see this technology as valuable. I have a hard time explaining it's value WITHOUT mentioning  the Fiat Fractional Reserve systems. I applaud your work. You are a pioneer. Cheers.

John Gustafson - commercial pilot

Humbled by your wonderful support Alice Hlidkova - u are such a powerful woman making a significant difference through your promotion and push for other women! A rare diamond thank you for all you doing ! I will connect soon ! Salut all women that stand for one another and for all the men too -women ,men ,children - together we can make this world such a better place !!  With much love M

Michelle Chivunga N - British Blockchain Association

“They are an accredited and highly respected quality news & media agency [neweconomies.com] within the technology sector - however only utilise anything with permission of all involved. It was just fortuitous that they were here in London and able to come. Alice in particular is a huge advocate for women led enterprise.”

Lisa Short - founder, RegTech Association

Hi Alice! I'm a student who's passionate about blockchain. I read white papers in my spare time, and just sold everything I owned so that I could move to San Francisco and be at one of the epicenters of the blockchain ecosystem. I'm reaching out because I was really inspired by your work. I'm interested in learning more about the people side of blockchain, and it isn't often that I find other women in the space who have founded blockchain companies in that area. I'd love to chat sometime and hear your insights! I'm really starting from nothing, and I truly admire how impactful all your work has been. Please let me know if you'd be interested in speaking sometime, it would really mean the world to me!

A.K. - Intern, U.S. House of Representatives, based in S.F.