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Alice Hlidkova and Lucas Cervigni interview PITCH Investors Live at the NASDAQ studios in New York City.

PITCH Investors Live is the only app that allows entrepreneurs & startups to pitch their project live to investors via the app!

Here's a note from Alice, the co-founder of New Economies and one of the founding team members at PITCH Investors Live:

"We've come this far at PITCH Investors Live!

I am super proud to be on the team at PITCH Investors Live, the app that connects investors to startups (Yes, we are on the blockchain!)

What started as an idea 2 years ago, turned into an app developed by Matthew Lally and his team at 2Up. Lally pitched his idea to Jonathan Foltz who brought his team and marketing expertise to 2Up, branding the app PITCH Investors Live.

We have a team of 50, from the original handful of founding team members, and only growing.

We also have over 200 users and daily pitches, live! We represent over 17 industries and 10  investor interest categories, from blockchain and software to manufacturing and food and beverage.

We brought on our first female adviser and big VC name Gayatri Sarkar and international serial entrepreneur Lucas Cervigni (Lucce).

We continue to receive feedback and guidance from Kevin Harrington Brian Harrington Reese Jones and many others.

We are proud to support entrepreneurs on their journey and make the jobs of investors much easier.

If you are looking for mentorship, partnerships or capital get in touch. Download the app, and message me.


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