Alice Hlidkova Interviews Unblocked Events CEO Helen Disney

Alice Hlidkova interviews Helen Disney from Ublocked Events at the London Stock Exchange Studios. Disney founded her educational and events platform Unblocked Events to educate professionals in the healthcare industry. She believes that blockchain helps solve some of the issues in healthcare including mismanagement of data and increasing administrative costs. The technology can be applied to track the supply change of medical devices and improve clinical trials. “Blockchain addresses social and business problems,” says Disney, who expanded beyond the healthcare industry.

In the insurance sector, claims require verification often with information shared via fax. With blockchain technology, there is not need to leave a paper trail. Disney is proud to provide not only educational and networking services but also due diligence on the many companies she works with—a large number of them she helped while serving as interim founding board member of the British Blockchain Association. “It’s difficult to really connect people in this industry,” and provide reliable sources, for them to draw deeper insights, mentioned Disney. To better connect research, education and industry, Disney launched Dots Ventures. The membership club provides research and investment opportunities to its network of investors.

The platform exposures projects beyond pitch events and conferences. “Their interests are targeted,” says Disney, who vets projects for higher chance of success. “Investors want more targeted activity,” adding that the mixture of investor education and founders seeking funding keeps her busy. Disney, like most experts in this sector are looking to build new business models and connect various industries such as creative, energy and philanthropy. With respect to music, a “tokenized system of buying tokens as reward points or for ticketing,” brings the fan closer to the artist.

We are now in an era of “linking value with content using tokens,” shares Disney. Disney has led executive roles in predominately make industries such as healthcare, policy and now technology. The lessons she brings encourages business support and friendship for women. “We are changing the way we view the blockchain industry by harnessing new talents,” and this is the future, states Disney who believes that the industry is shaping a new world economic and social order. For the most part, she helps to identify the social cause of business young aspiring professionals are interested in and give them examples of “how blockchain fits in what they are doing,” concludes Disney. More on the company visit New episodes every week. Subscribe to our Channel to keep updated on the most relevant projects of the Blockchain and Crypto World.

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