Interview with Basket Co-founder and President Andy Ellwood

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Andy Ellwood entered into the world of blockchain with a simple question: "Why is it that when we buy groceries we don't expect the same information when purchasing a house or a car?" The inquiry led him to discover a 40% difference in grocery list prices and the location didn't matter. "96% of groceries are purchased in physical stores across the United States" says Ellwood, who raised $20 million to onboard 800,000 customers and crowdsource 1.2 million products for the ultimate smart grocery list known as Ellwood, a former Waves employee is no stranger to using the crowd to solve big data problems. He applied the same technique of collecting data from drivers as for shoppers. Still in beta, addresses the issue of pricing transparency in offline commerce. He is now working on the Mass Clarity project to put the company data on the blockchain, tracking pricing discrepancies and fostering the ultimate shopper's experience. Visit for more information. New episodes every week. Subscribe to our Channel to keep updated on the most relevant projects of the Blockchain and Crypto World.

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