Interview with Torky Engineer Juan Ignacio Guajardo

Lucas Cervigni interviews Torky Engineer Juan Ignacio Guajardo at the NASDAQ studios in New York City.

Torky is building alternative modes of transport to solve congestion issues. "Most cities were designed with the car at the center of the axis," says Guajardo, leaving public transport secondary followed by pedestrian and bikeways.

Cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen "pay attention to pedestrian walkways, saving money," adds the engineer who is designing a three-wheel bicycle, carrying 5 times the average weight.

Guajardo shares a vision with many entrepreneurs for "people to share activities," in the city landscape like electric bikes that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently approved in a bill.

"Being sustainable makes you rich," concludes the engineer, who also sees many opportunities in the blockchain space, including supply chain and transportation.

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