Interview with ASMX CEO David Bradley-Ward

Alice Hlidkova and Lucas Cervigni interview ASMX CEO David Bradley-Ward at the London Stock Exchange Studios

ASMX is a blockchain based technology platform to allow the trading of private corporate debt between users of online lending platforms. How Bradley-Ward came to implementing a blockchain solution for his business was due to the expensive nature of international settlements. "Blockchain brings down the cost, massively," says the executive who has recently returned from Singapore where he was promoting his business and blockchain use case.

Bradley-Ward, named in the P2P Power 50 by P2P Finance news, founded and is the CEO of Ablrate, a peer-to-peer lending platform that has an innovative secondary market. It "looks like a bond market where offers and bids are made on remaining capital," he says, on the "liquid market place."

Bradley-Ward discussed that secondary markets are a tool for lenders to increase diversification and spread risk. ASMX is looking to work with online lending platforms to create an eco-system through its platform where users can buy and sell loans worldwide.

"We have a proper marketplace here," and it will soon be regulated, concludes the entrepreneur who has originated loans in diverse assets such as jets, property and waste management plants.

Currently ASMX is being coded and the management team are speaking with online lenders to integrate with the system.

ASMX is raising capital to meet the demands of the business (details of which can be found at

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