Interview with Market Orders Co-Founder, Sukhi Jutla

MarketOrders is an online on-demand, order aggregation platform that accumulates multiple small orders into one single bulk order routing it to appropriate manufacturers. The online marketplace helps "small, independent jewelers retailers on Hyde St. to access the products they need directly from the manufacturers," thereby bypassing wholesalers and distributors, shares Jutla.

The model allows for both sides to win. For jewelers, it reduces cost and friction and for the manufacturers, it adds volume. This way, single orders become affordable.

Jutla who has a background in fintech and banking, is using her software development and business skills to implement blockchain solutions which can "prove provenance of these metals," she says. Using blockchain to authenticate products in the supply chain increases transparency and reduces operational costs especially when items are held at customs and are at the risk of being switches. Blockchain can track such products and reduce the risk of counterfeit items.

She is also using her research skills to explore application of nano technology for tracking products, ensuring their safety. The young developer used the blockchain to publish her third book, "Escape the Cubicle" and concludes that smart contracts can be used to program the prices for books when they switch hands between retailers and resellers. With blockchain, "the value goes into the value creator,' shares the young woman. New episodes every week. Subscribe to our Channel to keep updated on the most relevant projects of the Blockchain and Crypto World.

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