Alice Hlidkova interviews Professor Christian Lovis

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Alice Hlidkova interviews Professor Christian Lovis at the Blockchain Healthcare and Life Sciences Uses in Biomedical Research and Healthcare Summit in Geneva.

Christian Lovis is the professor of clinical informatics at the University of Geneva and leads the Division of Medical Information Sciences at the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

His journey into blockchain began when his son asked him money for Bitcoin. “I gave him the money to play with Bitcoin,” said Loves. In this industry, he describes two types of people: passionate technologies and avid problem solvers. Lovis belongs to the later group, fixing things with code or his hands.

Lovis is currently exploring a consent management blockchain solution for patients to identify barriers in healthcare for various groups of people. The category includes patient, citizen, care provider and researcher, but more often than not, it is limited to two dominating groups: patient and citizen. “Most people consider as long you are healthy you are a citizen,” says the former patient. “Once you need care, you are a patient.”

The issue is that there is a wider emphasis on the patient who is “assumed to be stupid” as opposed to the citizen who is well and a producing member of society. The patient advocate who looks to restore their rights as citizens and solve many problems in healthcare concludes, “I want to decide as a citizen, not as a patient.” Taped at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva during the Blockchain Health Forum November 2018.

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