Interview with BCB Group

Alice Hlidkova and Lucas Cervigni interview BCB Group Founder and CEO Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie and Marketing and Content Partner Bridget Greenwood at the London Stock Exchange Studios.

Fascinated with the philosophy of Bitcoin and real-world use cases for the cryptocurrency, Greenwood shares her perspective on entering the industry. " I was holding some coins," she said, and in the process, she met Landsberg-Sadie who draws insights on blockchain's impact on business and sustainability.

"Tracing the evolution of language [crypto] mirrors the evolution of adoption," he says, reflecting on different the standards of the industry.

First, you have informed early adopters to institutions and retail but with blockchain the opposite occurs, describes Landsberg-Sadie. Previously working in the investment banking sector, as a self-labeled "spreadsheet geek," Landsberg-Sadie is now a "lover of technology."

Like Greenwood, his personal journey into the blockchain industry entails some level of curiosity and opportunity for growth."I feel that this was a technology I can grow with," concludes Greenwood.

BCB Group is a cryptocurrency prime broker, a service specifically designed to cater to the needs of institutional clients who need OTC execution for their own accounts and who wish to offer cryptocurrency products and services to their own clients.

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