Interview with Blockchain Research Institute

Alice Hlidkova and Lucas Cervigni interview Blockchain Research Institute’s Managing Directors Hilary Carter and Joan Bigham at the London Stock Exchange Studios.

The interview took place days after Blockchain Live’s London conference in 2018 in which the Institute sponsored the Speaker’s Lounge where Hlidkova and Cervigni hosted interviews.

The Institute is one of the largest think tanks dedicated to blockchain research and according to Carter, assist enterprises and governments on blockchain technology implementation strategy.

“We answer questions regarding deployment,” says Carter. Governments face regulation concerns, adds Bigham, who encourages governments to collaborate.

What Bigham observes is the competition between companies as they “watch their own economies” and race to become blockchain hubs for research and deployment. However governments are skeptical, says Joan, “whether it is too soon” for involvement. Joan advises, “governments should pay attention to the promotion of their own cities so they are not seen as backwater.”

The two are excited to work on 80 different research projects from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame using blockchain technology to incorporating blockchain tech in smart cities initiatives, a policy to help cities innovate and turn them into tech hubs.

Bigham concludes the interview by showcasing Don Tapscott’s latest book, entitled BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World, co-authored by his son Alex Tapscott. “Don formed the institute,” shares Bigham, who is happy to work with prominent researchers and blockchain architects such as the legendary Nick Szabo.

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