Interview with Emily Walker and Melissa Gilmour

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Lucas Cervigni and Alice Hlidkova interview Emily walker and Melissa Gilmour at the London Stock Exchange Studios Consultants Walker and Gilmour recently teamed up to educate executives on blockchain technologies and crypto currencies.

The former banker and marketing expert are producing a c-suite brief for senior leaders around the world to educate them on the major aspects of the blockchain ecosystem including definitions, monetary and regulatory frameworks, activities of international organizations, trade associations and strategic topics such as smart contracts, stable coins and token economics.

“We found a communication and knowledge gap between the crypto side and how companies should present themselves to investors on the traditional side,” shared Walker. Gilmour couldn’t agree more on company’s ability of raising funds and convincing institutional players for support requires transformation of messaging on the crypto side and education on the traditional side. "I understand the information I require as a banker,” shares Walker, who believes along with Gilmour that education, messaging and regulatory support will help mature the market. “The financial sector is regulated. For crypto raisers, there are rules.”

Although the biggest challenge has been the ‘crypto winter,’ where investment activity has slowed down the space is maturing. “It’s exciting,” to see incredible projects come out of the space with some of the cynicism going away, concluded Gilmour. New episodes every week.

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