Interview with Sheila Warren during #WEF2019

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Alice Hlidkova interviews Sheila Warren from the World Economic Forum Blockchain team in Davos.

An attorney by training, Sheila shares her excitement for the maturation of the blockchain industry. “The conversation around blockchain is a lot less hype and more implementation,” shares the former attorney and jokes, “ we see less fluff…no lambos.”

The World Economic Forum (WEF) according to Sheila is looking into stable coins and various blockchain supply chain projects in addition to alternative methods of trust and transparency. To support such initiatives, the WEF is creating policy for technological integration.

Her involvement with blockchain was a result of the bug that everyone caught. It began with a curiosity, fuelled by her passion for exploring digital divides. “This is a very diverse space despite the fact that it does not remain equal in any fashion,” when it comes to women, shares Sheila. “Nonetheless it is such an improvement from the last generation of technologist.” Her interest has brought Sheila to the security aspect of the technology. “At first I thought Bitcoin was an investment play,” shares the attorney who quickly focused on investing in the systems to improve business operation and governance.

At the WEF, “we are quite bullish on the future,” explains Sheila, as she embraces the organisation’s multi-stage methodology model; a process which engages all stake holders. She admits that this approach is time intensive and remains hopeful for the future. “Many people are creative and agile in their thinking,” concludes Sheila on the type of talent the industry attracts. “We see non traditional actors and if this trend continues it will lead to exciting change.”

The WEF continues focus on collaborate models to investigate blockchain applications and exploring how they leverage in ‘high growth,’ emerging economies.

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