3,000.00 every month

For our Partners:

FULL BRANDING & MARKETING for your company/fund.

1 Monthly Video with Updates.


Invitation to our monthly Event for you and 3 guest. (FREE Beer, Coffee, Snacks).

Full Access to Event Recordings.

Direct Partner Invoicing (Not to End User)

Flexible Allocation of Services and Deliverables

Service White Labelling

For up to 2 of your Customers:


1 Company Branding Consultation.

1 Marketing Roadmap Call.

1 Strategy Coaching Call.

1 Business Interview (LIVE or Recorded) **

1 Updates/Announcements Interview (LIVE or Recorded) **

Exclusive Dinner with Influencers*

Weekly Strategy Coaching Calls.

Marketing Material, Pitch Deck, Content Creation, Website**

Business Development

Investor Relations Option ****

PR Placement Material

PR Distribution ***

* Every 3 months

**Every 6 months

**Additional Costs May Apply

**** After 3 months